Recycling in the Bluffton area

We have prepared the following resource with information on what to recycle and how in the Bluffton area, including what to put in the green recycling containers, as well as locations to recycle other items and what are your options if you live outside the village. We will try to keep this information up  to date. Please let us know if you have additional information that should be included or know of any changes.


Bluffton has a great curbside recycling program, but what, exactly can I put in the curb side green containers?

 Corrugated Cardboard and Paperboard
 Newspapers and Magazines
 Glass bottles (clear, green or brown)
 Aluminum Cans and Steel Food Cans
 #1 and #2 Plastics Bottles and Jugs
 Office paper and junk mail

What shouldn’t I put in the green containers?
 #3 – #7 Plastics
 Plastic grocery bags
 Coated milk and food cartons
 Disposable diapers and puppy pads
 Tissue, paper towels or paper napkins
 Clothing, shoes and other textiles
 Yard waste, soil, plants, grass clippings
 Styrofoam, fiberglass and other foam packing material
 Hardcover books
 Ropes, chains and cords
 Photographic film
 Window glass, mirrors, light bulbs, batteries, and cookware
 Furniture, mattresses and insulation
 Treated or contaminated wood, sheetrock or drywall


Wait a minute, I know some of that stuff is recyclable. Where can I take it?

Bluffton Town Hall Recycling
 Cell phones
 Ink cartridges
 Household batteries

Bluffton Brush Dump on Spring Street
 Yard waste, soil, plants, grass clippings, branches & leaves

Community Market, Bluffton
 Plastic grocery bags

Etcetera Shop, Bluffton
 Clean gently used clothing and shoes
 Small appliances in working order
 Household goods in good condition

Book Reviews, Bluffton
 Hardcover & paperback books

Restore Community Center, Ada
 Clean gently used clothing and shoes
 Small appliances in working order

Litter Landing, Findlay (in addition to our curb side containers)
 #3, #5, & #7 plastics
 electronics (but NO TV/Monitors)
 NO Glass

NCO Solid Waste District Office, Lima (by appointment, fees apply)
 Household hazardous waste
 Paints, lacquers, thinners
 Fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides
 Cleaning products

Northwest Ohio Recycling, Pandora
 Scrap metals
 Junk vehicles

Habitat ReStore, Lima
 Furniture & appliances
 Household items
 Building materials


What if I live outside the village limits? Where can I take my recycling?

 In Putnam County, Ottawa, Kalida, Continental, Leipsic and Columbus Grove have recycling drop off centers.
Check here for information about locations and what materials they accept.

Hancock County has drop off locations in Rawson, Benton Ridge and at Litter Landing in Findlay.
More Information here.

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