July 18- Presentation on Bicycling as a Practical Lifestyle


July 18 Presentation on Bicycling as a Practical Lifestyle by Transition Bluffton


Transition Bluffton is hosting a presentation on bicycling, including topics such as bicycle commuting, how to carry things on your bike, and safe interaction between bikes and cars. The talk will be held on Tuesday, July 18 at 7:00 PM in the community room of Bluffton Town Hall. The presenter is Raymond Harner, co-owner of CG Pro Bikes of Bluffton. Anyone interested is welcome to attend.

Harner is an experienced cyclist, knowledgeable on a wide range of topics. He started serious cycling at age 13, commuting to school and church and maintaining his own bikes. He has raced bikes and has ridden and organized bike tours. His shop is an asset to Bluffton and we look forward to his sharing his expertise.

Bluffton is an excellent community for cycling with smooth, lightly traveled roads, both in the village and the surrounding area as well as a growing network of bicycle paths. Cycling is a healthy, practical, and environmentally friendly activity and can be enjoyed by the entire family.

Transition Bluffton’s mission is to be a catalyst for conversation and sustainable change in the Bluffton community. To learn more about the organization, visit TransitionBluffton.org. To contact the organizers, email transitionbluffton@gmail.com.

Bluffton Green Homes Tour is HERE!

July 23 Green Home Tour hosted by Transition Bluffton

Transition Bluffton is hosting a Green Home Tour on Sunday, July 23 from 1-4:00 p.m. Three homes in the Bluffton area are featured. Visitors are encouraged to ride their bikes on the 12-mile route; a prize drawing will be held for those who collect colored tickets at all three locations.

The tour showcases homes in the Bluffton area that emphasize energy efficiency and sustainable building. Tour organizers explain, “It might be through clever design, technology, or just plain hard work, but it’s inspiring to see what others have done.” They also note, “The homeowners on the tour have been gracious enough to open their gates for us, so please be respectful of their properties and the time-frame of the tour.”

The three tour stops are a 1970s home with solar PV and battery backup, a new home with monopole PV arrays, and a home with earth berm, PV solar and passive solar design. Maps will be available at CG Pro Bikes, The Food Store, and the Bluffton Public Library after July 7th.

Transition Bluffton’s mission is to be a catalyst for conversation and sustainable change in the Bluffton community. To learn more about the organization, visit TransitionBluffton.org. To contact the organizers, email transitionbluffton@gmail.com.

Do you have a home that you would like to exhibit your green building practices?  Click on this link to apply.

Help us celebrate at the Launch Party on May 16th!

Transition Bluffton is having a Launch Party!, an Idea-Raising Event with Cake! This event celebrates the creation of Transition Bluffton, an organization that is bringing people together to build sustainability in Bluffton and beyond.

The Launch Party will also serve as a brainstorming session for future events and projects. The event will be from 7-9 p.m. on May 16, 2017, on the 3rd floor of Bluffton Town Hall, 154 N. Main St.

In February 2017, some 30 people gathered in Bluffton for an official training weekend led by a certified trainer from Transition United States. The launch party will use methods learned for generating and discussing ideas, giving everyone the chance to contribute and respond.

Bluffton-Area People Needed to attend the D.C. Climate March

Hey Transitioners, do you want to help battle the impact petroleum products have on our environment and our health?  Need a ride to the upcoming Climate March?  A local Bluffton-ite is organizing roundtrip bus rides from Bluffton to Washington D.C. for the event.  This round trip event will be from Friday April 28th until Sunday April 30 2017.  It is important to know that “your bus ticket does not include food or a metro card. BYOB (bring your own breakfast). We will do a non-violence training before we depart from Bluffton University. More information about this will come by email.  This bus from Buckeye Charters is not able to make any additional pick-up stops along the way.  Financial aid may be available, depending on donations. We aren’t accepting donations of checks or cash, but we appreciate your generosity online.”  For more information check out the event’s website at  HERE  ( https://www.eventbrite.com/e/nw-ohio-bus-to-the-peoples-climate-march-tickets-31714626301. )

River Walk along the Little Riley hosted by Transition Bluffton

    Transition Bluffton is hosting a river walk along the Little Riley on Sunday, April 23. Naturalist Anne Coburn-Griffis will lead the walk exploring plant and animal life in the Motter Metro Park just outside of Bluffton, Ohio.  The walk will start at 6 p.m. and last 1-1.5 hours. Walkers will explore park trails and be introduced to creatures that make their home in and along the Little Riley. Participants will need good walking shoes and should bring binoculars and magnifying lenses.  Parking for Motter Metro Park is located at 10740 Columbus Grove-Bluffton Road. The 105-acre park has a mowed grass trail and is restoring grassland habitat to the area.  Coburn-Griffis is a facilitator at The Quarry Farm Nature Preserve & Conservation Farm near Pandora, Ohio, and has been active in volunteer water quality monitoring and wildlife rehabilitation.  The riverwalk is one of several events hosted by Transition Bluffton this spring and summer. The organization’s mission is to bring people together to build resilience and sustainability in Bluffton and beyond. To learn more about future events, visit TransitionBluffton.org.

Meet the Trainer for Launch Training!

If you haven’t heard, February 25-26 Bluffton Transition is having a TransitionUS Launch Training.  Our guest trainer from TransitionUS is none other than Tina Clarke! Tina became a Transition Trainer in 2008 and has helped 120 communities create Transition Town groups and given 42 weekend trainings.  We are excited about bringing such a knowledgeable and well respected trainer to Bluffton for what will be a memorable Launch event.  Click Here to read more about Tina Clarke and her experiences.  Need to register yet?  Click on the registration below.  Remember space is limited!

Eventbrite - Training for Transition Bluffton


PRESS RELEASE- Launch Training

Bluffton ‘Transition’ Group to Host Transition US Launch Training

Bluffton, Ohio

Transition Bluffton will be hosting a Transition US Launch Training lead by national Transition US leader Tina Clarke. The two day event will be held on Saturday – Sunday, February 25-26 th at the Bluffton Sportsmen Club, 405 N. Spring St., Bluffton, Ohio. Interested people can register for the event at transitionbluffton.org .

Transition US is a nonprofit organization that provides inspiration, encouragement, support, networking, and training for Transition Initiatives across the United States. The Launch training will provide instruction on how to set up a local Transition Initiative and empower your community to directly tackle the issues of Peak Oil and Climate Change by rebuilding community resilience and self-reliance. Transition US is working in close partnership with the Transition Network, a UK based organization that supports the international Transition Movement as a whole.

Transition Bluffton is a local group, modeled after the Transition Town Movement.

For more information, go to:

Eventbrite - Training for Transition Bluffton



Transition Bluffton will be hosting a talk on energy efficiency and alternative/renewable energy sources by Dan Klear, owner of Superior Energy Solutions, Ottawa, Ohio. The event will be held on Tuesday, January 17th, at 7:00 p.m. in the Community Room on the third floor of Bluffton Town Hall, 154 North Main St., Bluffton, Ohio.

Winter is an especially good time to learn about changes you can make to conserve energy and reduce your utility bills. Are you are curious about how a home energy audit can help reduce your energy consumption? Would you like to learn how alternative/renewable energy sources such as solar panels or wind generators can make you more energy independent? Here is a great opportunity to learn, share and connect with other interested people in the area.

Dan Klear is an industrial engineer and founded Superior Energy Solutions in 2009.

Transition Bluffton is a local group, modeled after the Transition Town Movement. Transition Towns are vibrant, grassroots community initiatives, that seek to build community resilience in the face of such challenges as peak oil, climate change and economic uncertainty.

For more information, go to:
Superior Energy Solutions llc