Biking Bluffton- How to travel the bike path in style (Part 1)

With the planned opening of the Augsburger Road phase of the Bluffton bike path set for later this month, it is a great time to talk about making Bluffton a bike-friendly town.  The new section of the bike path will connect Maple Crest Senior Living Village and Bluffton University Nature Preserve to Riverbend Rd.  This bike path extension allows travelers to get from the new development areas on Augsburger Rd and Maple Crest to downtown for shopping, then from downtown to the Village park for a picnic or softball game.

Many people in Bluffton pride themselves on their use of alternate transportation to work and for pleasure. However, in order to make the bike path (and bicycles in general) a practical form of transportation, shopping bags, picnic baskets or other small loads need to be effectively, efficiently carried across town. There is no right answer for how to carry a load on a bike, there is just what works for you.  The people that brought you the Mind The Gap Movie, a documentary on urban transportation, have a short video on way people carry loads on their bikes.

Bluffton Transition is dedicated to furthering the discussion of how to make Bluffton a more bike-friendly town.  The bike path is a great start, but a knowledgeable biking community will be what allows Bluffton to be a city other cities look to for alternative transportation inspiration.  What are some of your ideas?

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  1. Dealing with aggressive and distracted driving is a work in progress in Bluffton. For 2 years I’ve been talking with the village administration and council, as well as ODOT, about improving crosswalk safety at the Main & College intersection.

    A majority of drivers in Bluffton aren’t attuned to pedestrians and bike riders. Many people are unaware of the state law requiring them to yield to pedestrians in crosswalks. ODOT and the village have agreed to meet with “interested parties” about this intersection, but a date has not yet been set.

    To influence decision makers, pedestrians and bike riders need more advocates, including local organizations such as Bluffton Area Chamber of Commerce, Bluffton Lions Club and Foundation, Bluffton University, and Bluffton Hospital.

    For a recent history of online discussions about the crosswalks, visit:

    Crosswalk petition drive

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