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General Transition TalkLast post
Food/Recipes TalkWe all have our favorite recipes that are Transition worthy, share them with everyone here.
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Transition Bluffton ProjectsLast post
Produce Tradinglocal project for helping people share what they have for what they would like from the garden.
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Community PotLucksBuilding a sense of community through potlucks!
4 Topics4 Posts
Transition in SchoolsHow can we get the ideals of Transition into programs within our schools?
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Bicycle in BlufftonLets work to encourage bicycles as the best mode of transportation in Bluffton!
1 Topic2 Posts
Community GardensLet's work together to make local produce available to all!
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Lawns to ...What does grass really do for us? What can we do to turn our wasteful grass lawns into tools of sustainability?
3 Topics5 Posts
Summer Youth TheaterLet's encourage our youth to think through ideals of Transition via theater and the arts!
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Invasive Species RemovalLet's work to keep our natural areas as native friendly as possible!
1 Topic1 Post
Planting Native SpeciesLet's help keep our native diversity intact!
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Recycling DowntownIsn't it about time we have the ability to recycle downtown just like at home?
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Restoration Agriculture WorkshopLet's learn and encourage the use of best practices of permaculture in our area!
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Mend and Make DoWhy buy new? Repair, recycle and maintain!
4 Topics7 Posts
THE WINTER GARDEN CO-OPLet's rent space at the Garden Club land to cooperatively grow squash, dry beans, pickles and corn for the purpose of preserving or saving to use in the winter.
1 Topic2 Posts
FOOD SAVERSLet's attempt to re-purpose food and food waste from local sources to either eat or compost. Examples would be rotten produce at Community Markets and coffee grounds from the Twisted Wisk. Each project should take an hour a week.
1 Topic1 Post
Green Home ToursGreen home and buildings around the Bluffton area that will allow visitation during transition Bluffton identified tour days and times.
2 Topics2 Posts
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